Monday, March 31, 2014

Show and Tell

I post pictures of what I drink on Instagram. 


Do I think I'm an amazing artist who has a great eye for the shot? Instead of taking the picture head on, I get out of my chair, crouch down and get an artistic angle. Then I transfer the image into a Photoshop app where I play with some settings, pretending to know what I'm doing. All in an effort to make it look like I'm a professional.


Do I think I'm special and that everyone wants to know exactly what I'm drinking on any given night? Me, me, me. Pay attention to me! Look what I'm doing, it's probably important!


Maybe I'm just bragging. Bragging that I scored a ton of hard-to-get beers. Beers that people lust after and will trade just about anything to get. These beers dominate the forums on the "beer websites" and are listed in just about every trader's ISO (in search of) list.  I can drink them anytime I want, no big deal. I'm just awesome like that. Sometimes I may even just pull them out and take a picture to tease. This is a competition after all, isn't it?


It's possible that I post to "turn my nose up"at other beer drinkers? Sometimes I may post beers from styles that aren't trendy. Am I taking a dig at people who drink and post the rare beer pictures? Maybe I am trying to make myself look better because I drink beers that aren't trendy? Isn't this the very definition of a beer snob?


All of this reminds me that I just drank a beer and didn't check into Untappd. Pardon me while I rate this beer and describe it in less than 140 characters.

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