Tuesday, August 19, 2014

You Know What They Say...

No risk, no reward.

How many times have we heard that statement? It’s engrained in our minds and taught to us as we grow up. Countless sayings of similar nature exist, all of them expanding on this simple concept in different ways.

I try to remember this concept as much as possible, but often times fail to live up to it. It’s not easy taking a risk. The “risk” itself implies that there is something to lose. For someone who doesn’t like to gamble, risking “A” for “B” is tough.

There is another saying that is somewhat similar, yet entirely different:

Reward, no risk.

This type of scenario does exist. There are times when a risk isn’t present at all. A situation where little investment is needed but a possibility is present. This possibility may not be great and failure may be a result, but when there isn’t a risk involved, “what have you got to lose?” 

I work part-time for a brewery. It’s a fun job that’s afforded me the opportunity to do other very enjoyable things. One of those things is a BJCP-style guidelines study group with a couple of brewers, lab workers and one other part-timer (works full time hours but is still only considered a part-timer). Every week we get together to study, taste and dissect beers that are similar in nature (or “style”). The study group is easily one of the highlights of my week.

Out of everyone in the study group I am the only one who doesn’t work in the beer industry full time. I’ve made it no secret that some day I’d like to end up there and often times the other study group members ask why I haven’t pursued anything yet. This question came up a couple of weeks ago when the brewery I work part-time for was hiring two brewing interns. Some of the group members asked if I had ever thought about becoming a brewer.

Only every single day of my life.

They encouraged me to apply for the internship. I immediately wrote it off.

“They will probably only hire someone with experience. I’ve been told that countless times from everywhere else so I’m sure its the same here.”

The other “part-timer” in the group agreed with me but held a more optimistic approach to the opportunity. She informed me that she applied to the position. She knew full well that the possibility of her getting the position was low but that didn’t deter her at all. 

“What is the harm in applying?” she said. “The worst that can happen is that they say no. It’s a no if I don’t apply, so why not?”

Yesterday we held our weekly tasting panel. I was the second to show up. I walked into the room and saw the other “part-timer” sitting there on her phone. We exchanged greetings and caught up on what happened to us over the past week.

At the end of the small talk she dropped the bomb on me. 

She was selected and hired as one of the brewing interns.

She is on her way to becoming a brewer.

I was shocked. I congratulated her on the accomplishment and the new position telling her how happy I was for her. That was not a lie. I was and still am happy for her. She works damn hard and has sacrificed a lot to get where she is at. She has earned her new position.

After the study group, I couldn’t help but feel regret. I brushed off this amazing opportunity thinking that I didn’t stand a chance. In reality, I more than likely had a good chance of getting the other open intern position. I had the backing of several brewers and a more in-depth knowledge base of beer and the brewery process than either person that was hired.

Instead of even attempting the shot, I dropped the ball and walked away assuming I would miss.

The great ones always take the shot. 99 out of 100 times they may miss, but to them that doesn’t matter. That one time, they are going to make it.

If I ever want to accomplish what I dream about, I need to live by this mentality.

I need to start taking more shots.

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