Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Hardly Knew Ye

The problem with traveling is that you aren’t as inclined to stay up on current events. Your first day back from the road is often spent with a laptop in hand (and, in my case, a beer in the other) catching up on what you missed while you were gone. 

Today I found out the sad news of the passing of one of my idols, Jack Joyce. Joyce was the founder of Rogue Ales & Spirits and one of the pioneers in the craft beer industry. I can whole heartedly say that Rogue is one of the few craft breweries that left an enormous impact on my life and is partly responsible for shaping who I am today.

Long has Rogue been one of my favorite breweries. There is only one brewery on the planet that I have tasted more different beers from (and that is only because that brewery is around the corner from where I live). One fourth of my empty beer bottle collection I have up on shelves in my apartment consists of Rogue beer. Whenever I see a new beer from Rogue on the shelves at my local beer store, chances are I am going to buy it.

I never met Jack Joyce, yet he made an impact on my life. Think about that. I NEVER met this guy but who he is and what he did helped change my direction in life. Sitting here now typing this, it is hard to comprehend that.

Jack Joyce was one of the people I always wanted to have a beer with. The chance to drink a pint, share a laugh and engage in a good conversation. I’ll never get the opportunity to do that. I wish I did.

In the spirit of his passing, I’ve decided to actively pursue and try to convince some of my idols in the beer industry to sit down and have a pint with me. I couldn’t think of anything better than sharing a beer with the likes of Pete Brown, Randy Mosher, Marcy and Geoff Larson, Stan Hieronymus, Father and Son Van Roy and so on. If any of these “dream pints” were to happen, those moments would surely rank among the best in my life.

Cheers to Jack Joyce and to Rogue. 

I hope the bar in the next life isn’t crowded because the first one’s on me.

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